About Us & Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Service

Our Worship Service takes place Sunday mornings at 10:15am, blending traditional and contemporary styles of worship. Video presentations are often used on our large screen-projector system. The Liturgy of hymns and prayers is presented in creative and inspiring forms. St. Andrew’s vibrant choir is led and directed by our multi-talented organist. The Word of God is delivered in a manner that comforts, encourages and challenges the congregation.

About Cumberland

The village of Cumberland is a short 10 minute drive east from Orleans and ten minutes west of Rockland along Highway #174 following the Ottawa River. We are a friendly rural community situated in the city of Ottawa. We are the home of the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum which depicts rural life in a village setting. This museum is the only one of its kind in North America that showcases life in the 1920’s and 30’s. We also have a popular Farmer’s Market with local vendors selling their fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits, homemade treats and artisan crafts during the summer months. Important to the village is the Cumberland Community Association whose mission is to improve our quality of life and sense of community while protecting the rural character of Cumberland.

About St. Andrew’s

Since 1828 we have gathered as a faith community with our roots grounded in Scottish and Irish traditions. From the Auld Kirk located on the shores of the Ottawa River, to our sanctuary today, the Holy Spirit has preserved and guided our congregation. Even though our buildings have twice been destroyed by fire; our name has been changed; and society has been transformed, we remain faithful witnesses to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a place for children?

We offer a family-oriented setting where children are welcome. In fact, they are encouraged to be part of the worship service by taking part in the Lighting of the Peace Candle and joining in the Children’s Time before leaving to attend Sunday School. In Sunday School the children prepare a craft often based on the Bible Story of the week. Younger children and their parents are encouraged to make use of the Quiet Play Area at the back of the sanctuary where they can still be part of the Worship service.

Do you provide nursery care?

Yes, we have a nursery with rocking chair, and age-suitable toys. Each week our Voluntary Associate Minister co-ordinates the Sunday School and Nursery Care with help from several congregational members.

How can a child be baptized?

Parents may contact the minister for a baptism interview where the importance of baptismal vows will be discussed. The Membership Committee is responsible for recommending the approval of the Baptism to the Church Council. In consultation with the Worship Committee a date will be established for the baptism. You don’t need to be a member of the church to have a baptism but you must show an earnest desire to raise your child in a Christian manner that recognizes Creator God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit as central to their childhood development.

Do you need to be a member to attend?

No, you don’t. The first and most important part of attending worship is to establish a closer relationship with God. Membership in the congregation is very important to many people but others, known as adherents, participate joyfully in most aspects of congregational life. If you are a member of another United Church or denomination and wish to transfer your membership please contact the church office.

When is Communion celebrated?

The Sacrament of Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of each month.
Special Communion times are celebrated during the Christmas & Easter seasons.

Is there a group for women?

We have 3 UCW groups – The East Unit, The West Unit and The Village Unit. The UCW provides spiritual growth and fellowship to all ages of women in the church. They financially assist the church in the hosting of the Christmas and Maplefest Bazaars. The Units meet monthly.

What does the church offer for men?

The Men’s Club gather for breakfast and a Speaker Program at 8:30 the second Saturday of each month – excluding July & August. Along with fellowship and spiritual growth, the men enjoy the fundraising activities of the Annual Roast Beef Dinner and Pancake Supper.

What other groups meet at St. Andrew’s?

Friendship Club, Women’s Institute